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I tell you the information about my game through this blog. 自作ゲームの情報をお伝えします。

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Game operations manual


I explain operation of the game "Kagikko Adventure".

(it is not so difficult)


Basic turn cycle

1. World map confirmation

The world map is displayed at the start of the turn everytime. On this map,

  • Player
  • Key
  • Treasure chest (×: when nobody gets the key, this is non-displayed)

their icons are displayed depending on these positions.


You can easily grasp the positional relationship between the player's position and a destination without losing sight of the destination.

2. Turn roulette

Please turn roulette. You can go ahead as many as the roulette number.

3. Push the arrow button to move

Push a button in the direction you want to move, and the player will advance.

4. End of Turn

When the remaining movable steps become zero, your turn is over. The opponent's turn starts next.

When your opponent's turn ends, it will return to the world map confirmation in step 1. Repeat this cycle from step 1 to step 4.


Find the key, the treasure by those cameras switching!

The kinds of those cameras...

  • Normal camera (from the diagonal top / fix in position)
  • Search camera (from right above / which can move a position)
  • Player viewpoint camera (the glance of the player / which can change the direction)

There are some kinds.

There is a camera switching button, so please push it appropriately, and grasp the state of the circumference.



 How to ride skateboard

  • Go to a square which has a skateboard, and you can ride the board.
  • The appearance place of the the board is random.

After having ridden the board...

  • remaining steps becomes zero.
  • it automatically advances.
  • the countdown of a timer begins. And when the timer becomes zero, you go down from the board and your turn ends.
  • It is random at time to be able to get on the board (around 5 seconds).
  • When using the player viewpoint camera, change a direction and you can make full use of the board.


Moving to the other area

When you watch the world map, there may be the key, the treasure in the place that is different from the area where yourself is.

In this case, you have to move to the area.

There are some arrow squares in the boundary of the area. And you can move to the next area from these squares.

There is an emblem in each area.It corresponds to the world map.So you can grasp position relations.

f:id:ef41614:20180929165631p:plain  "Hey ! Do you have the key ?" 

f:id:ef41614:20180929165647p:plain  "This key shines glittering and stands out."


Arrive at the treasure earlier than opponents, and get victory !