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I tell you the information about my game through this blog. 自作ゲームの情報をお伝えします。

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I 'm making an application game for smartphones.

Hello !  I'm accho.

I 'm making an application game for smartphones.


Genre: Sugoroku game (board game)

The purpose of the game: To arrives at the goal earlier than a partner player.

How to Play games

(1)Let's look for a key

(2)Go to the goal with the key

(3)Open a treasure chest
     ⇒ Goal !!

※Even if a partner player takes the key earlier, it is all right.
   Tackle the partner player and you can get the key.


[screenshot 1: Title screen]



[screenshot 2: How To Play]



[screenshot 3: Main play screen (Third person view)]



[screenshot 4: Main play screen (First person view)]



 Coming Soon !

※This game includes the following elements.

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